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ArtsBeat 2014 - ‘Tapestry of Life’

About ArtsBeat

During 2011/12, Merton Music Foundation staged its first ‘ArtsBeat’, a school-based festival of music and the arts. Between Autumn 2011 and Spring 2012, children and staff from 37 Merton Primary and Special schools participated in a wide variety of events, projects, workshops and performance opportunities. ArtsBeat was developed to support MMF’s ‘With One Voice’ Singing Strategy, one of the four core activities on the National Music Plan which MMF is delivering with funding from Arts Council England.

This year schools can again engage with ArtsBeat 2014  - ‘Tapestry of Life’, on a number of levels, through a range of music workshops, events and projects and it is hoped that the flexible nature of the festival will enable more Merton schools to take part.

Activities include the:

  • Road To Tomorrow song relay
  • Young Song Leaders programme
  • Super SEAL song pack and recording project
  • Momo cross-arts project
  • 'Everyone Sang’ High schools choral project.

See our ArtsBeat resources page for further details on each activity. 

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