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‘Tapestry of Life’

‘Tapestry of Life’ and ‘Road To Tomorrow’ are 2 of the songs featured in the ArtsBeat Festival. ‘Tapestry of Life’ expresses the need for us to welcome and celebrate all that is different about those who join our communities. ‘Road To Tomorrow’ explores the issue of change and asks us to be bold and brave enough to seek out new experiences which will open up our lives and futures. It was written for Pete’s daughter, Imogen, when she joined a new school and didn’t think too much of their traditional school song!! As always, Pete Churchill has written sophisticated, skillfully constructed and meaningful lyrics, set to beautiful melodies ( and harmony too, for those who might want a challenge). Newly produced performance and backing tracks will be available on the website after half term.

Resources for Schools
Copyright Pete Churchill

Rehearsal Tracks

Tapestry of Life See rehearsal sheets below  

Road To Tomorrow

(Downloadable PDFs)



Super SEAL Songs

Resources for Schools
Copyright Matt Tyler

Rehearsal Tracks

1a. New Beginning

1b. Backing Track

2. Going for Goals
3. Get Along

Young Song Leaders and the Momo Project

In March 2014, Filament Theatre will be staging a production of Michael Ende's marvelous book, Momo. Osnat Schmool is writing 3 songs for the play, to be sung by guest Primary school choirs at each performance. We are hoping some of the Young Song Leaders will take part in this aspect of the production, when there will also be a chance for the school choirs to showcase other material of their choice as a curtain raiser. This is the first of the Momo songs, 'I have a voice'. It is made  up of 3 short sections, each one 16 beats long, which intertwine and weave in and out of one another - it sounds more complicated than it actually is!! It might help to fit a simple hand / finger pattern which marks the 8 strong pulses as you sing each section, to help keep it together. 

Rehearsal Tracks

I have a voice


To download MP3 track - right click on 'Download' and select 'Save target as'

 Downloadable Resources

Rehearsal sheets can be downloaded from the links below...

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